Electronic Integrity Testing

Our Electronic Integrity Testing service provides a non-invasive means of detecting pinhole leaks in a flat roof’s membrane. With innovative roof leak detection equipment, flat roof leaks can now be located with pinpoint accuracy and quicker than traditional methods.


Electronic Integrity Testing is a significant component of RAM’s Roof Leak Detection and Building Leak Detection services. Any failings within the waterproofing membrane are identified to within mm accuracy, providing targeted and effective repairs to that of complete roof replacement. Electronic Integrity Testing gives us the ability to find roof leaks faster and more accurate than ever before.


Often referred to as the “wet test”, this method can be used with or without the addition of water (with different testing apparatus) making it an ideal roof leak investigation method for use on any flat or low-pitched roof to identify defects in exposed membrane or ballasted systems.


Electronic Integrity Testing is also widely used to provide the client with peace of mind that the installed flat roof is fit for purpose and has a reliable service life.


Electronic Integrity Testing is ideal for use on flat or low-pitched roofs, and because all roof membranes are more or less non-conducting, the electrical pulse from the wire ring circuit chooses a path across the moisture to where the leak is located. This testing method eliminates the dangers and potential damage that can be caused by traditional flood testing, and even pinhole leaks that aren’t visible to the naked eye can be identified.

Electronic Integrity Testing

Electronic Integrity Testing Service Benefits

  • Compatible with 99% of flat roofs and roofing membranes
  • Capable of accurately detecting pinhole leaks
  • A quick and efficient method of detecting roof leaks
  • Non-Invasive testing method – Zero damage to your roof!


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We have equipment suitable for wet and dry conditions, so let us solve your leaking roof or wall with a proven, cost effective solution. We deliver our complete range of services throughout the whole of the UK, and you can find out more contacting a member of our team.