Endoscope Surveying

RAM’s Endoscope Surveying can be undertaken by drilling a small hole in the building fabric.


The survey involve’s inserting an endoscope camera through an access point or hole to view inside the construction and identify defects. Inserting an endoscope gives the engineer precise vision to identify defects within the construction.


The survey can be used in conjunction with rainfall simulation to speed up diagnosis where possible. These surveys compliment many of our service portfolios to guarantee that peace of mind.


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Endoscope Surveying

Endoscope Surveying Service Benefits

  • Offers an engineer a visual within the structure to identify defects
  • Aids with allowing an engineer to identify internal defects
  • Often used in conjunction with Dynamic Leak Investigations (DLI®)
  • Can confirm integrity of seals, roofing build up and roofing membrane