Estate Management – Q&A

Q: How can we make the most of our unoccupied buildings?

A: Whilst at present It is still unlikely, that an education building will be completely unoccupied, why not ensure your compliance requirements are fully up to date such as:


  • Electrical safety and periodic testing
  • Asbestos
  • Gas safety
  • Fire safety – detection and means of escape
  • Water safety

Q: Do I have any increased risks during long periods of reduced occupancy

A: During long period of reduced occupancy water safety is a particular risk as water usage drops and promotes the conditions for legionella bacteria to develop. Ensure you continue to flush through water pipes and any testing regimes should be maintained.


Regular testing of fire systems to ensure fire detection and warning systems are fully operational during periods of lower occupancy.


Deep cleans should be scheduled prior to reoccupation once dates for reopening of sites have been established, which via our testing diagnostics arm, we can offer from as little as £750/day

Q: What safeguarding and security measures should be put in place?

A: The DfE published detailed guidance on safeguarding on 27th March 2020 and this was widely circulated.

With possible changes to the site’s normal access arrangements, care should be taken to ensure the security of the building and the site perimeters.

Lone working is more likely and provisions should be put in place to monitor and protect those classified as lone working.

Q: Can we make use of the time and undertake building works

A: If you have a live building project or planned project, works can continue under the guidance from the Construction Leadership Council (CLC)
RAM act as Principle designer for the majority of our clients and will ensure all RA/MS from the principle contractor comply.

Q: How will delays related to Coronavirus affect a building contract?

A: It seems likely that the Coronavirus will be treated as a force majeure event, at least in relation to those contracts entered into before the scale of the effect of Coronavirus became apparent. However we will liaise with contractors and works to the best solution for all parties during this difficult time.