Flood Testing

RAM’s Flood Testing method is a means by which to prove water is not coming through the waterproofing, eliminating it as a potential source of a problem within the overall building envelope.


Flood testing allows you to stress the roofing construction for water entry pathways giving you that peace of mind that your roof is properly sealed. The use of washable fluorescent dyes assists in tracing water ‘pathways’, to the direction of the source.


Flood testing works on is a diverse testing method and can be used on practically all roofing membranes and build-ups, providing you with solid visual representation.


Our roofing engineers can carry out flood testing on large and small surfaces, so whether you want us to check a house, office, shopping centre or football stadium for roof or wall leaks, we can meet your needs. Once we’ve carried out flood testing, we can quickly identify whether there’s a problem and provide the fix – no matter how severe the leak is.


We pride ourselves on delivering effective repair recommendations, and our expert team are capable of managing your complete roofing project. This could include testing, planning, repairs or new roof constructions, and our dependable team always focus on providing cost effective repair recommendations. In our experience, we’ve found that re-roofing is not usually necessary, even if there is a severe leak, and our engineers have saved clients up to 95% with a precise, permanent repair.

Flood Testing Service Benefits

  • Often used when Electronic Leak Detection (ELD) is not practical
  • Can prove beyond reasonable doubt that water is not penetrating the membrane
  • Can use soluble dyes for a clear indication of leak penetration
  • A simple yet effective leak detection and integrity testing method


Flood Testing


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