Lifecycle Surveys

In conjunction with a building condition survey, RAM Building Consultancy have experience in working with various clients, in particular, PFI asset holder portfolios by providing building condition surveys and life cycle surveys.


This allows building owners and asset holders alike, to assess the costs of on-going maintenance in order to get a building through its life cycle. Lifecycle surveys will determine when key works should be undertaken during the life period of the building and can include budget costs to assist with budget allocation.


The deliverability of the project is held by the project manger and we ensure we maintain effective communication between all parties. This ensures all works are delivered on time, on budget to the required quality standards.


Lifecycle Survey reports can also be tailored to a client brief, i.e. a plan over a set distance of time, typically 3-5 years, or state the works required to be undertaken to achieve a building life span as indicated by the client.

Lifecycle Surveys

Lifecycle survey reports will include:

  • Recommendations
  • Budget Costings
  • Lifecycle Cost analysis
  • Building/Elemental life expectancy


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