Roof Asset Management Programme (RAMP)

A Roof Asset Management Programme (RAMP) is a comprehensive system for the evaluation, monitoring, and maintenance of roof systems. RAMPs help identify areas of risk and need for repair before damage becomes significant, enabling proactive rather than reactive maintenance practices. This helps to improve the performance and lifespan of a roofing system while also helping building owners save money in terms of repairs and replacements. Protecting a roof from damage and keeping it in top condition is important for preserving your assets and saving money on expensive repairs. With a Roof Asset Management Programme (RAMP), we can work with building owners to establish an efficient strategy to manage current and future roofing needs.


One of the key benefits of a RAMP is that it helps to identify any areas of risk and need for repair in a roof system ahead of time. By using a combination of visual and photographic inspections and analyses, RAM Building Consultancy can accurately measure existing conditions on the roofing system. From there, we can make recommendations on repair strategies or preventive measures. Before developing a strategy, it’s important to consider all elements of the roof and determine which areas are most at risk. This analysis will help us create an action plan that ensures the most important areas of your roof system are taken care of first, helping reduce the likelihood of unexpected damage or repairs in the future.




The necessity of planned inspections and maintenance on flat roofs is elevated compared to that of pitched roofs due to a higher likelihood of dirt and debris accumulation. To ensure optimal performance and roof life, an appropriate maintenance plan should be put in place which should involve routine inspections and scheduled maintenance to guarantee the preservation of your roof’s integrity.


Stated in the BS6229:2018 which is the code of practice for flat roofs; “A flat roof should be inspected at least twice annually; once during the autumn to ensure it is clear of leaves, dirt and debris, outlets are not blocked and the roof is free draining; then once during the spring to discover and rectify any damage due to weather.”


In order for the waterproofing manufacturer warranty on a given roof to remain valid, it is often necessary to conduct an annual inspection and keep records of it, if there is no record of an inspection the warranty may become void.


Let RAM Building Consultancy take care of this for you and give you peace of mind that your roof remains watertight, and your warranty remains valid.


Our warranty Inspections can include:

  • Examination of the O&M Manual to ensure we/you are compliant with the warranty terms
  • A thorough check of the guarantee small print and specification to ensure our inspection covers all items in line with the manufacturer’s terms and conditions
  • A detailed inspection of the roof highlighting any areas of concern in a written report including photographs and video footage
  • Liaison with the manufacturer and/or installing contractor where required
  • Planned Preventative Maintenance schedules with access to reputable maintenance contractors to carry out the maintenance such as clearing outlets, removal of debris etc.
  • Annual reminders when your inspections are due




Roof Maintenance

Ensure the proper upkeep of your roof and protect against potential leaks before they start with our planned inspections and roof maintenance program. Our proactive approach to roof maintenance is designed to identify any potential issues and mitigate them accordingly, rather than waiting for a problem to arise.


Roofs are an integral part of a building but are often overlooked when it comes to routine maintenance and inspections. RAM Building Consultancy provides building leak detection services to help pinpoint any signs of damage or leaks. We have extensive experience in such inspections and have been providing them for more than 25 years.


Regular inspections and maintenance of your roof are essential in order to keep it in optimal condition and prevent any future damage. Scheduling a Planned Roof Inspection and Maintenance visit will typically occur biannually or annually depending on your structure’s needs. During those visits, you may receive services such as:


  • Leak detection services of the Waterproofing Membrane
  • Cleaning the roof surface, checking joints and outlets, removing any debris, and performing a cleaning of the membrane.
  • Technical audit of potential areas which could contribute to water ingress into the structure.
  • Providing a programme of remedial repairs to ensure the roof remains watertight.


Have you been putting off your planned roof inspections and maintenance? RAM Building Consultancy provides a reliable RAMP service to ensure your roof achieves its expected serviceable life span and remains watertight. Contact us today to take care of it.



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