Shopping for Advice – The Brunswick Centre

Whilst still in the early stages of a planned, 18 month, major refurbishment programme of this iconic Grade 2 listed retail site in Bloomsbury, London, RAM Building Consultancy were called upon to offer expert advice as to not only how the existing roof screeds had become saturated, but how that water may be removed, without interrupting the ongoing retail performance at the centre.


The situation was very complex, with screed laid over screed and multiple layers of differing waterproofing systems – Add to this a myriad of expansion joints and inherent poor detail arrangements.


De-Watering Vacuum (DWV®) was an option RAM considered, this being one of our primary service offers. However, in this instance it was decided that due to the complexities involved it may not be the most prudent route and therefore RAM assisted in putting together an alternative robust technical specification (differing from the original proposal) that would not only provide the best long term solution, but provided reduced contract periods of upto 30%, whilst staying within cost targets.