Thermographic Imaging

RAM’s Thermographic Imaging can visually identify many surrounding roofing issues.


In our hands this system can non-invasively detect and identify hidden pockets of entrapped water, collapsed and degraded or missing insulation, defects in roofs, rooflights, curtain walling, cladding, windows and doors such as air leakage paths and inadequate seals. This quick, accurate and non-invasive nature of this testing method makes it highly appealing.


Thermographic Imaging


Building Thermographic Inspections

  • Domestic: Instantly show where your heat loss is occurring in a detailed visual image to assist in achieving a comfortable living environment and reduce energy costs.

  • Commercial: Some client specifications of buildings over 500M2 request infrared thermography in order to assess their building integrity alongside an air permeability test. Thermography is best done prior to the air test as paths of air leakage can be found making it easier to achieve and surpass the required air permeability level.

  • Volume Housing Stock: Relevant to energy companies keen to conform to their obligations of CO2 reductions or councils and/or housing associations looking to assess their building stock in large quantities, we have developed a specific procedure to quickly assess a high volume of stock and provide thermograms for each property.

Thermographic Imaging Service Benefits

  • Completely non-invasive or destructive testing method
  • Analyses and reports on insulation’s thermal performance
  • Can also identify air leakage pathways and inadequate seals.
  • Offers a clear visual representation of entrapped moisture.


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Limitations of Thermographic Imaging on Roof Surfaces

  • It cannot highlight the location and cause of the leak location
  • The weather conditions have to be suitable
  • There has to be a temperature variance of 10 degrees (internal and external)
  • The thermal difference maybe due to varying insulation properties and/or thicknesses