Cost of Flat Roof Repairs


Do you go to the ‘commonly’ and ‘incorrectly’ assumed ‘expensive’ roofing consultant? Or opt for the assumed ‘less-expensive’ option using a roofing contractor? Well before any decision is made you have to first understand what the overall problem is. You see, you may have a flat roof with quite an obvious defect with water penetrating into the building right below it. Great, simple enough patch repair and hopefully the job is complete. On numerous occasions, RAM Building Consultancy see clients opting for the ‘assumed’ cheaper solution, either by buying some sort of putty or paint sealant. This may be all well and good to solve your issue, however, RAM’s clients originate within the large commercial sector where buying such items is significantly expensive to that of the services we offer. In a domestic sense it is vital to diagnose the type of roofing membrane installed and whether or not it can accept such sealants and third-party products.


Clients of RAM Building Consultancy use a variety of RAM services, with Electronic Leak Detection (ELD®) being the most popular. ELD®, the more commonly known term, can detect pinhole defects that are completely invisible to the naked eye and can guide an engineer to the source of the defect with ‘mm’ precision. Understanding where the path of water entry can save significant amounts because knowing the ‘precise’ location of a defect can save in both time and money in effectively repairing the damaged area. Compared to that of the ‘hit and miss’ patch repairs, which seems to be the first step in solving such issues, it is quite obvious that such a method is a pure gamble.


However, their are limitations with using Electronic Leak Detection (ELD®) because it is only suitable on a variety of roofing build-ups and membranes. Therefore, RAM Building Consultancy utilise a specialist service called ‘Dynamic Leak Investigations (DLI®)‘ which uses a variety of combined methods to pinpoint leak entry paths and focus the attention of areas that are cause for concern.


Flat roof leaks are a common problem, normally during the expected ‘end date’ of a particular roofing membranes life be it 20, 30 or 40 years or when the membrane has been exposed to significant traffic.


The next cause for concern situates with the cost of such repairs or even replacements/overlays. For a typical garage flat roof, specifically within the domestic market, costs can vary. Patch repairs may vary from £200-£300+, whilst full roof replacements can spiral from £2,000+, depending of course the roofing membrane, insulation selected etc.


To fully conclude, organisations or business owners that own a flat roof should seek a method similar to that of the above outlined to fully provide a long-term solution.