Electronic Leak Detection (ELD®)

Our Electronic Leak Detection (ELD®) service provides a non-invasive means of detecting pinhole leaks in a roof’s membrane. Any defects within the waterproofing membrane are identified to within mm accuracy, providing targeted and effective repairs to that of complete roof replacement. Electronic Leak Detection (ELD®) is a key component of RAM’s Roof Leak Detection and Building Leak Detection services.


Although often referred to as the “wet test”, this method can be used with or without the addition of water (with different testing apparatus) making it an ideal roof leak investigation method for use on any flat or low-pitched roofs.


Because all roof membranes are more or less non-conducting, the electrical pulse from the wire ring circuit chooses a path across the moisture to where the leak is located. This testing method eliminates the dangers and potential damage that can be caused by traditional flood testing, and even pinhole leaks that aren’t visible to the naked eye can be pinpointed.


Electronic Leak Detection is also widely used to provide the client with peace of mind that the installed flat roof is fit for purpose and has a reliable service life.


This approach to detecting leaks has been around for some time, and it’s environmentally friendly (as large volumes of water aren’t wasted), while there’s no guess work involved – you get completely accurate results.


This is just one of our cost-efficient leak investigation services, so whether you’re looking to certify a new roof or simply looking to discover how watertight your existing roof is, our specialist engineers can help.


Electronic Leak Detection Benefits

  • Compatible with 99% of flat roofs and roofing membranes
  • Capable of accurately detecting pinhole leaks
  • A quick and efficient method of detecting roof leaks
  • Non-Invasive testing method – Zero damage to your roof!


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Electronic Leak Detection (ELD®) is one of the most popular methods across the Roof Leak Detection industry utilised to accurately locate leaks in the building envelope. Although often referred to as the “wet test”, this method of roof leak detection can be used with or without the addition of water – although the equipment used is different, the method is fundamentally the same. Electronic Leak Detection (ELD®) is a service that combines the use of Electronic Leak Detection Equipment & the expertise of the operative; RAM engineers carry out extensive training and all of our operatives are experts in locating and detecting even pin-hole sized leaks.

Electronic Leak Detection (ELD®), in partnership with our experienced engineers, can detect the presence of pin-hole sized defects to within mm accuracy. The technology utilises the conductive properties of water to identify defects, which the trained operative is able to utilise, along with their experience, to accurately locate the source of water ingress; in turn providing a detailed and reliable assessment of the condition of your roofing membrane.
Water ingress can occur within the roof insulation, roof screed or between layers of waterproofing. Historically, it was often thought that many roofs were “beyond economical repair” as pin-hole sized defects were very difficult to locate / fix, often resulting in short life spans for flat roofs. With the utilization of Electronic Leak Detection (ELD®), minor defects needn’t warrant a roof replacement as they can be detected, located and repaired to enable a dramatically extended life expectancy for your flat roof. Accurately locating roof leaks using Electronic Leak Detection also means that our experienced engineers are able to locate leak pathways before they are able to cause extensive damage to the membrane and internal structure.

Electronic Leak Detection (ELD®) can be carried out by our engineers with zero damage to the roof. Unlike many methods and visual inspection methods (such as core samples), testing is carried out with no damage caused to your roof. Electronic Leak Detection (ELD®) is remarkably quicker, and therefore more cost effective, than most other methods of roof leak detection.

Electronic Leak Detection (ELD®) is compatible with almost 99% of flat roofs and roofing membranes, capable of detecting pinhole sized leaks quickly and efficiently

Once testing has been completed, you will be presented with a report detailing locations of leaks and also recommended remedial action to be undertaken. RAM Building Consultancy can usually carry out minor repairs or appoint a suitable contractor to visit site and carry out appropriate repairs.

Due to the large number of factors that affect the ability to carry out testing on your roof, for example access, roofing builds up, area to be tested etc. etc. it is not possible to provide a fixed cost without first discussing your enquiry with one of our consultants. Our consultants will provide you with free advice and make recommendations as to the process you should follow for your particular circumstance. To discuss your enquiry, please contact us.