Dynamic Leak Investigations (DLI®)

Our Dynamic Leak Investigations (DLI®) service combines a variety of RAM Services including Electronic Leak Detection (ELD®), Rainwater Outlet Testing and Rainfall Simulation.


Utilising our expertise along with decades of roofing consultancy experience we are able to carry out a range of testing methods to confirm the integrity of your roof, identify defects and resolve building envelope leaks.


We are the only roofing consultant to merge together all of the above testing methods allowing us to provide a complete package which can effectively test the entire building envelope.


The DLI® Service combines a range of RAM Building Consultancy services.


Electronic Leak Detection (ELD®) is a reliable non-invasive method for detecting pinhole leaks in a flat roof membrane, and it’s actually compatible with 99% of flat roof membranes.


Rainwater Outlet Testing is another service used in our Dynamic Leak Investigations (DLI®) package, and it involves testing the three weak points in an outlet; the pipework, the connection to the spigot and the interface between the outlet and the waterproofing membrane.


Rainfall Simulation is usually the first and last service used in a Dynamic Leak Investigation, and it involves simulating rainfall to confirm whether a leak has been sealed correctly, whilst proving there are no further defects. With a Dynamic Leak Investigation, RAM can finally put an end to a leaking roof, and two engineers will always be included to carry out the work safely, quickly and efficiently.

Dynamic Leak Investigation Service Benefits

  • Capable of detecting leaks throughout the entire Building Envelope
  • Simulates the Leak for easy and accurate discovery & detection
  • Offers a very high level of success for solving and detecting leaks
  • At least 2 experienced & specialist RAM Engineers required to carry out testing effectively


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Our Dynamic Leak Investigations service has a very high success rate for detecting leaks, and once we’ve completed our tests, we deliver honest advice on the next steps (if necessary) and help you fix any defects. We’ve carried out investigations for a comprehensive range of residential and commercial property owners, and we’re a one stop shop for testing, planning, maintenance and repairs. You can find out more by contacting us today.


RAM’s Rainfall Simulation method, which is mostly used in the Dynamic Leak Investigation (DLI®) service, is an environmentally friendly intrusive test method.

It is used before and after leak investigations and can also be used to confirm that a leak has been sealed correctly and to prove there are no further defects.

Rainfall Simulation allows the Engineer to quickly and efficiently recreate the impact of rainfall making it a very cost-effective testing method.

This testing method is normally used after repairs have been carried out on a roof or to specifically test a particular area of the membrane. 

Service Benefits

  • Allows detection of leak on the entire building envelope.
  • A simple, yet very effective method of identifying building envelope leaks.
  • Capable of testing Walls, Windows and Upstands.
  • Can confirm integrity of seals, roofing builds up and roofing membrane.

Rainfall simulation can be used to test walls, windows and upstands, and it’s proven to be an effective testing method for complete building envelopes. Having been carrying out roof surveys, repairs and replacements since the late 1990s, RAM Building Consultancy know just how effective this method can be. Colourants are extremely important in the diagnostic process, and our soluble dyes can help us find leaks quickly and efficiently, and we can cover small and large roof surfaces, whilst you’re always guaranteed expert advice on repairs and replacement (if necessary).

Simulating rainfall is just one of our proven testing methods, and this technique usually starts and completes a Dynamic Leak Investigation process. If you’d like to put your building envelope to the test, or if you’re looking to certify a new roof, our engineers can meet your needs, and you can find out more by getting in touch with a RAM Consultant today.