Rainwater Outlet Testing

RAM’s Rainwater Outlet Testing is predominantly used during a Dynamic Leak Investigation (DLI®) process .


A rainwater outlet may become defective at a combination of three stages. That’s why we utilise a three stage Rainwater Outlet Test where possible – isolating and testing the three potential weak points; the rainwater pipework; the connection to the spigot; and the interface between the rainwater outlet and the waterproofing membrane. A test with RAM will include:


3 Stage Test Method:

  • STEP 1: Analyses the neck of the rainwater outlet
  • STEP 2: Adjusting the hose to a wide-angle spray
  • STEP 3: Outlet is bunded above the spigot to submerge


Outlet testing is necessary if you’re looking to investigate your entire building envelope, and you can find out more about our leak detection tests by calling us or sending us a message online. Our surveys can give you the information you need to maintain or improve the condition of your property, and RAM’s engineer operate throughout the whole of the UK.


An inadequate or blocked rainwater outlet can result in costly repairs if issues are not dealt with quickly, and RAM’s engineers can pinpoint even the most minor splits in the waterproofing membrane. This service plays a crucial role in a Dynamic Leak Investigation process, and if you’re looking to confirm the integrity of your pipework, spigot and interface, we can meet your needs.

Rainwater Outlet Drawing

Rainwater Outlet Testing Service Benefits

  • A simple three stage testing method
  • Confirm the integrity of your rainfall outlets
  • Isolates and tests up to three potential weak points
  • Often used in conjunction with Dynamic Leak Investigations


We’ve investigated rainwater outlets on a comprehensive range of properties, and we know just how important it is to act quickly if defects are detected. We’ve saved many property owners’ time and money with quick remedial action to prevent further damage, and our dependable team are focused on delivering cost-effective repairs.


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