Technical Specifications

RAM Building Consultancy offer expert help with technical specifications and tender documentation for a roof, new building or even refurbishment. Our extensive knowledge of the UK market means we’re ideally placed to help you select the most suitable roofing system and approved installers.


Further to this, should you require Tender Design services of As-Built AutoCAD drawings then RAM Building Consultancy can assure you of an expertly designed flat roof that will offer you an economical and viable long-term roofing solution. As a part of our integrated design service RAM can provide:


  • Condensation risk analysis calculations
  • Rainwater design calculations
  • Tender and as-built CAD drawings


There are 2 crucial tests that all technical specifications must pass:


1. Can the specification withstand a robust technical review?

  • In that it meets the performance requirements
  • In that it meets the statutory obligations
  • In that it does not create any problem detail interfaces


Then you must challenge:


2. Is the specification cost effective?

  • How do named products/services compare with peer costs?
  • Are any products/services/warranty expectations over engineered?
  • Is the specification unfairly biased toward a particular product or service (this is most relevant when product manufacturers have engaged in the specification process)


There are of course other criteria; such as ease and speed of construction. Which must all be considered and understood against the project background when undertaking such robust reviews.


So, the procurer must ask themselves; Is it really necessary to undertake a review of this nature? Are the design ‘team’ not already competent in this regard?


The answer lies within the knowledge limitations of those that have been employed thus far in producing the specification.


  • Are they truly experts in this particular field?
  • Are they independent of commercial influence?


RAM Building Consultancy are specialists in building envelope design technology. We know the market rates, the product performance boundaries, the installation benefits and more.


We have both technical and practical expertise/knowledge to draw upon. Spanning not just years, but generations.


Technical Specifications - Roofing Systems


In more than 99% of cases RAM Building Consultancy will save you money and time. We will improve your overall design and ensure not only statutory compliance, but also detail integration.


To assist you in considering whether you will benefit from a Technical Specification Review, RAM Building Consultancy have come up with some of the common ‘errors’ we find in technical specifications and why:


There is an over reliance within professional bodies and building owners to trust what product manufacturers tell them.

This is primarily because the service is ‘free’

There is often an ill-advised assumption that such advice is neutral and that they have a full understanding of what alternatives there are.

If your specification has been led, (this can often be identified in not only brand names, but also in terminologies used that advantage specific suppliers) by a product manufacturer, you will be paying way above open market rates for that manufacturers products.

Unless they possess in-house specialist technical staff, they are most unlikely to be aware of the full range of options, the ever-moving statutory demands, the effect products have on the whole construction process. More likely they will have relied upon a Product Manufacturer for ‘free’ advice.

This carries the least risk from a pure contractual perspective. However, it is not risk free. It may be limited by the contractor knowledge, who in turn rely upon the Product Manufacturer again, so the circle has come back round.

It will be further limited by the range of product use approvals a given contractor has, none are approved for all systems, so their advice is thus restricted.

Contractors have commercial relationships with suppliers to maintain, thus again the advice is tainted.

RAM Building Consultancy, are truly independent and all product options are available to us. We have in-depth knowledge and contemporary research into the latest developments. We are confident an investment in our Technical Specification Analysis will regularly make project savings in excess of 1000% and more of our fees.

Supplementary quality controls checks where Contract Administration services are provided by others. An Expert commentary on how the installation is taking place and whether improvements are required.

These services can be standalone or combined with other RAM service offers, to provide a bespoke solution to all your concerns.


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